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KoTH & Boss Summoning Scrolls

All packages below will prompt a chat message clickable by everyone online at that time that has the needed online time, by clicking this message you claim the purchased package.

KoTH Summoner Greybeards Tower (Factions)
6.10 3.05 EUR
KoTH Summoner Warriors Forest (Factions)
6.10 3.05 EUR
KoTH Summoner Temple (Factions)
6.10 3.05 EUR
KoTH Summoner Watertown (Factions)
6.10 3.05 EUR
KoTH Summoner Nether (Factions)
14.10 7.05 EUR
Surtur Summoning Scroll (Factions)
6.10 3.05 EUR
Hellreaver Summoning Scroll (Factions)
14.10 7.05 EUR
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